Monday, 10 January 2011

as 2011 begins...

i look forward to the year ahead
and feel full of positive
always a good way to start i feel

so what of the resolutions made this

i like to think of them as a
 to do list
that way if i don't achieve
everything in the short space of the year
i can just pretend i lost the list somewhere
in the bottom of a bag, scrumpled up with
receipts and tissues
or perhaps it got washed
with my favourite pair of jeans
the dog ate it...hugely possible
it got shredded in with the newspapers 
used for the hen house...
you get the picture
its easier to go easy on
oneself that way...

so on with the list

in no particular order of
plant more green salad leaves
(love salad more than any other veg
can never have enough come the summer months)
smile more about nothing in particular
(makes one look like you got the cream all the time
and helps one feel better even when things may not
always be so good)
always finish one project or design before
starting a new one
grow more veg
(see above)
tell the people i love
that i love them more often
hatch some baby chicks
pick up my bass guitar
and learn to play along to mr nellie and eves
gorgeous songs he writes
(totally underrated talent, needs to be nurtured)
bake more cakes for more cafes
run faster
have no fear of the things i cannot change or influence
(worry lines are not good)
don't worry about worry lines
(see above)
take time to smell the roses
(and try to get rid of the black spot
while i'm at it)
try to handmake
 items that one may need from time to time
(if not achieveable then only buy handmade
 secondhand or locally produced)
love a bit of recycling
think outside the box
spin more wool to make the jumper
of my dreams
don't stress if all the above
doesn't get done
(goals are good they keep the mind
focused but no need to get too
heated up by it all
life live
 happy kind healthy and loving 

 hope its a good un

wishing you the happiest of years ahead