Wednesday, 19 June 2013

organic wool project...

...update and news of where you can see this great project showcasing work from 17 designer/makers
all using the beautiful organic wool cloth that was produced with help from Llynfi textiles and Ystrad organic farm
Nellie and Eve is very proud to be part of this pioneering initiative...

wool event coming soon... the lovely market town of Llanidloes, Powys 
a new wool event is going to be held on 29th June
...a woolly market will take over the towns high street 
all points to being a super day out
...get there if you can
its also the last day of the wool and willow festival too which is held at Minerva Arts Centre at the top of town
here are some images of my stand at wool and willow festival

Monday, 10 June 2013

sunny sunday...


...yesterday was one of those very rare days, especially if you live on a hill in south west Wales, like me!
warm, dry and very sunny and not a cloud in the sky...beautiful

i took full advantage of it, planting, weeding and washing fleeces. getting myself a big dose of vitamin d, which is much needed after the weather we have had to endure for so long.

our chickens loved it too, when they found a little shade...
fingers crossed it continues for a bit longer, happy sunshine week xxx

Sunday, 9 June 2013

washing fleeces... the glorious sunshine

have been taking full advantage of the fabulous weather we have been having and washing lots of my last years fleeces

they are still in really good condition, having been stored in cotton sacks in a dry, airy shed

i wash my fleeces in a tin bath in the garden, using cool water to get the initial dirt and dust out of the fleece. they are put into large net bags (made from old net curtains) this makes the wool much easier to handle when wet. soak in water for a few hours, change the water and soak some more...spin in the washing machine, still using the net bags, or you can use a salad spinner for small quantities!

at this point I do not use soap or warm water, as I like to do as little as possible to the fleece until after its been hand spun..i will then wash my skeins in warm, soapy water 
a clothes airer and old step ladder are used to dry washed fleeces in the lovely sunshine...