Thursday, 28 July 2011

weaving and spinning... autumn approaches
(yes, i know its still july and the summer hols)
 but hand spinning enough wool for jumpers, rugs and cushions
takes an age
so every opportunity i get
i am hand spinning lovely new freshly shorn
sheeps fleece...

(the woolly miles involved in the making of my products
is less than one mile) is a labour of love

it takes time to get a few skeins of wool
that are ready for knitting crochet or weaving
skeins hanging to dry
after first spinning plying washing then hanging
the wool is then ready to use

i have started weaving a rug on a lovely old upright loom
this loom took me and my wonderful spinning and weaving mentor Sylvia
5 hours to thread up ready for use

yes indeed...this is truly a slow process
but the most rewarding too
a unique fabulous rug will be made
all by hand
no machines used, no petrochemicals
just hand, foot and elbow grease
oh and heaps of love fun and a bit of patience

full of texture
the wool has been spun by me and the ladies at our spinning group
and will be raffled or auctioned
with all proceeds going to charity
(one which we are yet to decide)

any charity suggestions are very welcome


Sunday, 17 July 2011

crochet blanket approval...

from jessy
remember the crochet blanket?
all my hard work has finally been rewarded
she has well and truly made it hers
job done

Saturday, 16 July 2011

new stock...

vintage hungarian hemp cushions
sit happily with a seagull print
'i used to be a mans shirt' cushion
and a hand crochet blanket
found on my travels

just some of the new goodies to be found
in store now


cone of shame...

our gorgeous girl had to have 'the cone of shame' recently

having been spayed

she just wouldn't stop

with the licking

she was not impressed at all

and indeed she did have a great big sulk

poor sweet little puppy dog
it really did tug at the heart strings

all for her own good though
and she healed really well

have to say a tough decision
but a responsible one

jessy healed and a lot happier


Monday, 4 July 2011

deckchairs hammocks...

...and elderflowers

after a lovely day lazing in the summer sunshine
i made elderflower cordial

making use of the last
elderflowers on the trees

capturing the sweet essence of summer

elderflowers have the most delicate fragrance
 i will freeze some for the winter

elderflower cordial is the best stuff 
to beat the winter chills

meanwhile our lovely chickens
do their thing
happily around the garden

only one broody at the mo 
so we have 5 eggs a day
fantastic for all my cake baking
but first...

i can hear my deckchair calling me
or maybe...

the hammock

must make the most of this wonderful sunshine