Sunday, 28 August 2011

wool museum...

...took a day trip to the national wool museum in the lovely small town of dre-fach felindre having once been in the heart of the wool industry of south west wales
on display were beautiful woven cloth
all weaved on traditional machinery circa 1880-1935
and all still in perfect working order
this is a finishing machine, filled with teasels to brush the nap of  wool cloth to make a fluffy soft feel, used for blankets 

a traditional spinning wheel needing one person to produce one ball of wool... a spinning wheel that produced 400 balls of wool per 3 people to operate

we learned how the industrial revolution changed the lives of the community who had come to rely on the 24 mills in the town for their livelihoods
 and how the need for cheaper production lead to the decline of the industry altogether in the mid 20th century.

happily the mill is in business again as melin teifi and they produce wonderful traditional style wool cloth once again
all be it on a much smaller scale
i had a fabulous day gathering lots of info
and inspriration about the amazing natural fibre
that is

look for wool products that are produced in UK and help our wool industry

Friday, 19 August 2011

jessy wins...

first prizes at village show

our gorgeous jessy wins
1st prize for best puppy
for best dog in our parish

not only did she win lovely rosettes
but she won a little silver cup too

 am chuffed to bits
we had a fabulous sunny day
really good fun
and as you can see
is very happy with herself too

Monday, 15 August 2011

wedding day...

...arrives for my lovely friends
laura and gareth
she looked fabulous 
as she walked in the church
to ' you are so beautiful to me'
i tried hard not to shed happy tears

he was a little nervous but showed how much he loved her
by saying 'i do'
before the vicar could say a word!
and we laughed and clapped and cheered
our way through a fabulous celebration
i wish them much happiness joy and love
as they step into the world together as
mr & mrs

wedding gift

vintage fabric lavender filled pillow to help ease their stresses
champagne and vintage saucer glasses to toast their good health
a crochet tea light holder to help light their path in life together 
a wedding anniversary book as a reminder
and a lavender filled vintage lace heart to share their love