Sunday, 31 October 2010

happy samhain...

a pagan feast day

samhain (sow-in or sahm-hayn) or known today as halloween was traditionally the end of summer and the beginning of winter for the celts

a day of feasting

when all the harvest had been gathered
and long cold winter was drawing near

 it seems fitting that today saw me making haw ketchup

from haws in the garden
picking pears to make perry

baking chocolate brownies
and making soap ready for christmas presents

sometimes the things we do are instinctive to the ways of our ancestors and its only when we look back to the old ways

we see that underneath it all

in our lovely warm homes

and with our 24 hour food stores and conveniences

we are still those people with a desire to

batten down the hatches

gather food stuffs

feast and celebrate the going of summer and the coming of winter

for the celts this is new years eve
a time to remember those no longer with us
and celebrate reincarnation

the jack o lantern
was lit at windows and door ways
to ward off evil spirits

however you choose to celebrate i hope the new year brings
love light and happiness to you

Saturday, 30 October 2010

new season...

firstly nellie and eve would like to say                      

a HUGE thank you

to everyone that has voted for us in the

dorset cereals fav blog

we thank you so much for your support

anyone new to our blog
we would love you to vote for us

just click on the dorset cereals logo egg cup and click vote

thank you...

here at nellie and eve hq we are getting set for the
new season ahead

battening done the hatches after the last few days of
      wet and very windy weather

                                                      autumn is well and truly upon us

leaves have fallen everywhere in the garden

but i do love this time of year

the beautiful colours

the smell of wood smoke from the chimney

autumnal walks with the doggies

great news...
our lovely cockerel chuck had his first cry today

hurray we shout

although we may not be soo happy when this happens every day at 0500

  but for now we are really chuffed he has finally found his voice

looking back to the days of harvesting

our peas and potatoes

now in storage

the hard work done for the year                                                           

there is something very rewarding about growing
and harvesting your own food and being able to go to the store cupboard where once it was the
super market

need to grow heaps more next year

walks with the doggies gives me a great
to wear my new neck warmer                                                                          
warm and cosy
no bulky long scarves to wrap                                                 
round and round and round                                                                               
you get the idea...                                              

find them in our shop now



and as the weather turns a little colder

there is nothing more lovely than a hot cup of tea

made in the pot

with a super tea cosy

to keep it all warm

...and nellie and eve have been crocheting away

making tea cosies a plenty

we wanted to say a big congratulations to a lovely cafe/bookshop in Brecon

called The Hours

they have been open for one whole month and doing really well

nellie and eve made the bunting for the big opening at the beginning of october
well done Leigh and Nicky

clocks go back tonight
so dark short days to come
but an hour lie in tomorrow

hope you enjoy it

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

time flies...

...a month gone by
since the last happy tales

and as the weather chills at night

our rayburn, 'Martha' is lit 
warming the cottage, giving hot water and fabulous meals in her oven

we are busy making new stock for our shop,
crochet tea cosies, mug cosies and handbags made from recycled fabrics
to name a few items, coming soon...
our shop also has an end of summer sale now on ...

we have also been busy making jams and chutneys

and lots of pickled eggs as we now have...


Henrietta, Hyacinth, Dori, Cheryl, Goldie, Marge and Chuck
the cockerel

are happily pecking away in our garden and giving us lots of eggs

they are a real delight to have

and am pleased to say that the dogs have taken to them too

talking of dogs...
Finley has been a bit poorly again!

same problem as before, but happily on the mend

a brave tough dog by all accounts

treated with kid gloves for a speedy recovery

...bit traumatic that it was!


nellie and eve will be holding courses in the new year
after the success and positive feedback received
at The Big Skills weekend.

so if you would like to learn how to
crochet knit or sew

or perhaps you know the basics but
would like to learn more

then please check back shortly for course dates

its a beautiful time of the year now

the last of the tomatoes harvested 
we are experiencing
such gorgeous weather

time to get in the autumn garlic and early broad beans

in the veg plot and sow another handful of rocket

and salads that will hopefully
overwinter in the greenhouse...

thank you to our new follows, we really appreciate it and your comments too

till next time soon... be happy, true to yourself and get to know the people you like more