Sunday, 31 October 2010

happy samhain...

a pagan feast day

samhain (sow-in or sahm-hayn) or known today as halloween was traditionally the end of summer and the beginning of winter for the celts

a day of feasting

when all the harvest had been gathered
and long cold winter was drawing near

 it seems fitting that today saw me making haw ketchup

from haws in the garden
picking pears to make perry

baking chocolate brownies
and making soap ready for christmas presents

sometimes the things we do are instinctive to the ways of our ancestors and its only when we look back to the old ways

we see that underneath it all

in our lovely warm homes

and with our 24 hour food stores and conveniences

we are still those people with a desire to

batten down the hatches

gather food stuffs

feast and celebrate the going of summer and the coming of winter

for the celts this is new years eve
a time to remember those no longer with us
and celebrate reincarnation

the jack o lantern
was lit at windows and door ways
to ward off evil spirits

however you choose to celebrate i hope the new year brings
love light and happiness to you

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