Monday, 28 February 2011

all things white...

and beautiful

my first treasury page on etsy

a collection of lovely things

Friday, 25 February 2011

crochet squares...

of bright pink and lime green

to make a
granny square


for puppy dog


she will probably try and eat it
and toss it
around the room
in her mad 10 mins
she has everyday...

but one can hope she will grow
to love it

ah... puppies
you got to love 'um

happy weekend

Friday, 11 February 2011


with great sorrow
and with a heavy heart we sadly say goodbye
to our gorgeous loyal funny brave doggie

who passed away

17th Jan 2011

we miss him terribly

his very funny ways
this is him waiting! for his dinner

he was a really fabulous dog

a companion
 a pal
we are privileged to have had you
in our life
you enhanced it for the better
we love you always

Nov 99- Jan 17th 2011 


...and as the days went by
filled with sadness and pain
and missing

quite by chance
we were given the opportunity
to give a new life a home

and so we welcome


the sweetest little girl

who is into everything

   3 month old puppy

she has helped us focus on the journey ahead

where we can do our very best
to give her love understanding safety security
heaps of training!

to be the very best black labrador she can be

and she is doing really well

the twists and turns of life