Sunday, 15 February 2015

Hello...'s been a while
Sorry if I left you waiting?

I have been a wee bit distracted of late, planning and running crochet workshops and updating other media sites (FB) nellieandeve, along with weaving and hand spinning yarns, that the world of blogging was left on the back burner. 
Will visit more often.

I am enjoying the workshops greatly, one of the most rewarding things I have done and realising a bit of a dream come true moment when I look at what I am doing.
Teaching and encouraging others to learn and be creative is a joy.
Workshops run only once or twice a month at the mo, mostly crochet, with a peg loom weaving day added every 2-3 months.
 My aim is to do more! Workshops every 2 weeks, something new, building on skills already learnt, felt making, working with real fleece, endless list
So watch this space...
And see it all unfold....hopefully later this year?

For the moment I am content with the pace of life, I have a great group of students every month and making and selling my own creations is being well received.

In one word......happy........
And very thankful 

Here's some images of new items I am working on right now...

Next workshop are 14th March for both crochet and peg loom weaving, held at The Quercus Rooms, Carmarthen, 10-1 and 2-5
Get in touch if you would like to come along, places are limited.

See you soon
Love Helen