Thursday, 26 January 2012

valentines lovely...

...embroidery hoop art
a new item in the nellie and eve collection
a fun unique way to tell
that special person
how you feel

hang on the wall
or place somewhere where your valentines will see

visit my shop for more information

Saturday, 14 January 2012

new frock...

i have just finished making myself
a new dress
using a lovely brown flecked wool and silk mix fabric
that i have had for ages
just waiting for the right moment to use for this very thing
a cute little tunic dress, wear with woolly tights
or over skinny jeans
this is the back
subtle yoke curves
and gives a lovely detail has pocket too
sewn into the side seams
for a casual look

and i added one of my labels
for that professional touch!
i am very pleased with it
and it fits really well

the pattern i used is by anna maria horner
simple instructions and easy to follow
some prior knowledge of dressmaking would be good
for this dress
but well worth trying out

Friday, 13 January 2012

cold and frosty...


woke up to a beautiful
frosty day this morning
this was our view 
as the inversion from the valley gradually drifts up the hills
and clothes everything in a cold mist
until we could barely see the view
...very atmospheric
and then...
it recedes almost as quickly as it came
back to the valley
to give us back our beautiful view
all in the space of about an hour and half

...wonderful natural gorgeousness

Sunday, 8 January 2012

here's to a happy...

happy new year ahead

as we start 2012
nellie and eve will be heading off to hereford
on the 21st jan
to be part of this great event

a frock swap with local stalls too
a fabulous way to add new outfits to your wardrobe
without it breaking the bank

...nellie and eve loves the whole
old turns to new ethos

the event is also raising funds for charity

so double brownie points

have a look at the events blog page

other dates are coming soon...