Tuesday, 15 May 2012

meet the team...

...of jacob ewes
the girls that give me all
my lovely fleeces to spin with
this is tuppence and she is 10 years old
she is the team leader
this is polly
quite a beauty
and molly
also a knock out
this is ellie
who looks like she needs a haircut
shearing time coming soon

and the lovely clara
cool as a cucumber

so this is just some of the beautiful jacob ewes that i get my fleeces from
all hand washed, hand carded and hand spun

they are all lovingly cared for by hand
a small flock of funny friendly sheep

Saturday, 12 May 2012

sunshine means...

...a yarn drying day
hurray for the sun
a great chance to wash hand spun yarn
and get all that sunshine loveliness into it
local jacob and beulah speckled face fleeces
make lovely yarn
and this lovely lot when dry
is ready to crochet into
 winter neck warmers and cosy cushions
and the chickens went on their merry way
happy to be out in the sun too

happy sunshine weekend folks

Sunday, 6 May 2012

spinning wheel...

meet freya
she is my new spinning wheel
purchased from the lovely joan
whilst i was at the wonderwool show in april
already named and painted when i got her she is a little ashford kiwi
and i think she is so gorgeous
she also spins like a dream
as you can see...i have already spun my first skein on her

spinning wheel happiness