Tuesday, 27 July 2010

in wonderland...

i have just finished reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. (The Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson)
i thought i should read this charming book again, as when young, it went completely over my head with its wonderful meanings and very weird goings on...

what a book..
if you haven't picked it up since you were wee
i do really recommend you read it


full of craziness, its so well written
and the illustrations speak for themselves
masterpieces by John Tenniel

i read the Oxford World's Classics  version
 which gives you explanatory notes
which i found interesting and very helpful at times

a real joy to read

i found a website dedicated to all things Alice

full of information about the book
the drawings and the young girl herself...

meanwhile, i have been adding to my collection of vintage fabric

finding some real beauties

gorgeous original designs
just waiting to be made into something fabulous...

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

groovy baby...

here at nellie and eve HQ, i have been busily making new things from my stash of very groovy vintage fabric this weekend

this fabric in particular takes me right back to my childhood of swirly patterns on the walls, floor, sofas...

in fact

anywhere a pattern could be, there was one on it!
this fabric was too gorgeous to be cut into pillows or bags

and so could only be made into one thing
a fabulous, original, very groovy

No one will ever have the same windbreak as this the next time you go camping

a lovely addition
which will sit nicely along side the other one in my shop


 by the way

 has been featured on the rather lovely blog

have a look at the feature on summer

and thanks to Steve for the kind words

 off now to make yogurt

the easiest thing in the world to make

you need never buy yogurt again

here's how...

you will have to get some plain yogurt to start you off
2 tablespoons of something yummy like

and 700ml of whole fat milk
(sorry, no low fat here)

firstly, heat the milk to 46 degrees
(this has to be exact, so a thermometer is needed for this bit)

then, whisk it into the yogurt in a ceramic bowl

cover mixture with cling film

now put the bowl into a second larger bowl
and pour boiling water between them

wrap this bowl sandwich up in a large towel
put it somewhere warm and leave for about 4 hours.

and hay presto!
you have yogurt

the longer you leave it the sharper the taste

and if you want it thicker
either use slightly less milk per batch
or, as i have done

pop the yogurt into a muslin cloth
tie securely
and hang over a bowl for a short while
for the excess whey to drain out

and you have lovely creamy
greek style yogurt
all of your own

enjoy x

Friday, 9 July 2010

time flies...

friday already
another week nearly over
how time just flies on by without a backward glance?

lovely dog, Finley is mending well
and got a gold star from the vet
for bravery and being the most chilled out dog!..

needless to say...i am very proud

daphne and i have been making new items that are in the shop now

this fabulous windbreak made from original, vintage fabric, adds flower power magic to the beach, campsite, garden or wherever else you may want to use this unique item.

and more like this to follow in the coming days, all unique, one off vintage designs.

the sun shone today, proving that summer is still here, hope you get to enjoy it this weekend

whatever you do, i hope you do the things you love, in the company of the people you love the most x

Sunday, 4 July 2010

a day to celebrate...

after a week being poorly, i am happy to report that things at nellie and eve HQ are feeling better.

my lovely dog is on the mend, as am i,
so happy tales (some wagging) all round.

i even managed to bake a cake for a friends special birthday

using my trusty chocolate cake recipe

think brownie meets mississippi mud pie

a divine ganache to cover

and redcurrants to decorate

and a rather individual request for the decor!

and it was ready to be delivered

cheers and empty plates all round!

happy birthday and happy 4th july

Thursday, 1 July 2010

get well soon...

after a wonderfully sunny, fun filled few days at  Glasto
of not needing wellies and waterproofs at ALL!...

we came home to find our lovely dog, Finley, has not been a well boy, a twisted gut and one op later!
he is recovering surprisingly well! a very brave dog indeed
lots of hugs,
a few tears,( me, not him) 
he doesn't like the lack of walks or the small meals, but needs must
and anyone who has a dog knows that he is a very very lucky one...

meanwhile, our other lovely dog, Jack, is his usual sweet natured funny self, but is not too impressed by the extra attention Finley is getting...
and as if that wasn't enough to handle this week, i have been rendered useless by a very nasty sickness bug and can just about finish this blog update before going back to sleep on the sofa...
not happy tales this week, sorry