Tuesday, 20 July 2010

groovy baby...

here at nellie and eve HQ, i have been busily making new things from my stash of very groovy vintage fabric this weekend

this fabric in particular takes me right back to my childhood of swirly patterns on the walls, floor, sofas...

in fact

anywhere a pattern could be, there was one on it!
this fabric was too gorgeous to be cut into pillows or bags

and so could only be made into one thing
a fabulous, original, very groovy

No one will ever have the same windbreak as this the next time you go camping

a lovely addition
which will sit nicely along side the other one in my shop


 by the way

 has been featured on the rather lovely blog

have a look at the feature on summer

and thanks to Steve for the kind words

 off now to make yogurt

the easiest thing in the world to make

you need never buy yogurt again

here's how...

you will have to get some plain yogurt to start you off
2 tablespoons of something yummy like

and 700ml of whole fat milk
(sorry, no low fat here)

firstly, heat the milk to 46 degrees
(this has to be exact, so a thermometer is needed for this bit)

then, whisk it into the yogurt in a ceramic bowl

cover mixture with cling film

now put the bowl into a second larger bowl
and pour boiling water between them

wrap this bowl sandwich up in a large towel
put it somewhere warm and leave for about 4 hours.

and hay presto!
you have yogurt

the longer you leave it the sharper the taste

and if you want it thicker
either use slightly less milk per batch
or, as i have done

pop the yogurt into a muslin cloth
tie securely
and hang over a bowl for a short while
for the excess whey to drain out

and you have lovely creamy
greek style yogurt
all of your own

enjoy x

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