Monday, 30 August 2010

sunny bank holiday...

today we found ourselves at a beautiful old family home called Penpont

an open garden and novelty dog show!

how could we resist...

 lovely jack and finley all freshly brushed

with the promise of rosettes made by

were very excited

mainly by the other doggies
it has to be said

they being friendly social pooches

we entered the veteran group

and paraded around the ring

we sat, we ran, we waited

for the judge
to award the prizes

...and then, our proudest moment


Finley 1st place

oh how our faces lit up

Jack 3rd place

we are sooo proud

they were such good sports!

after such excitement
we wandered the stunning grounds

and gorgeous conservatory

a truly gorgeously hot, sunny bank holiday
cream tea and all
what could be nicer?

good times
happy days

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