Sunday, 25 September 2011

autumn equinox...

... the balance of life
enjoying the fruits of our labours
harvesting and thanking

a happy time of the year

as i pick blackberry gems from
prickly stems
and eye up sloes to add to gin
this time is special
no expectations
no wonder of weather and bbq's rained off...

i love autumn
cool mornings with bright sunshine
woolly tights and warm jumpers
the hollow sounds of a wood pigeon
and the smell of wood smoke from the chimney
i love it all
free food harvested from the hedgerows
give way to jam chutney and wine

happy happy autumn


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  1. Lovely Autumn thoughts, beautifully put :-) If only autumn could just slip quietly into spring - without that horrible bit in the middle! Thanks for C's pic on your blog list!


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