Monday, 17 October 2011

peg loom rug...

...i love making peg loom rugs
you can use various wools
this one uses both hand spun yarn
and fleece that is not spun
just washed and carded
they make a very robust yet really soft rug
and can be washed in the machine too

a peg loom is a series of dowel rods sat in evenly spaced holes
on a long straight piece of wood and can be any size

warp thread the peg loom
to the finished length of desired rug

prepare your wool or fleece
you will need at least 2 whole fleeces for a small rug
more if you want to use spun yarn
this picture shows both spun and unspun wool
and the effect each gives

weave your yarn or fleece around each peg
 when you have about 4" on the pegs
 lift each peg in turn and move the wool to the end of the rug
replacing the peg into its housing each time

continue weaving until your desired rug is complete.
tie off the ends securely

and hey presto
a lovely warm handmade rug

and jessy loves it too

woolly miles
the lovely beulah speckled face sheep that donated their fleeces for this rug
graze in the fields that surround our workshop

clean sustainable handmade
all our wool items are made from fleece sourced locally and the production of each item uses little or no machinery and electricity


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