Tuesday, 19 February 2013

weaving workshop...


using an old Harris table loom
the lovely Alice Evans showed my spinning and weaving group
how easy! warping up a loom can be...

once we had got our heads around dents per inch and simple maths
time to set about wrapping yarn around a warping frame

this took a lot of concentration
and an exercise involving my 8 times table

then time to put this yarn on the loom

now this took a lot of patience, good eyesight and a few cups of tea
just to ease off the back!

its a fairly long process before you can weave
but like most things, the preparation is about 2/3rd of the work

but then it was time to weave a first piece of yarn through shafts 1 and 3
and away you go

surprisingly it grows very quickly
and by the end of the day I had the beginnings of a sample piece of woven fabric

Thank you Alice for your expert tuition and patience

had a great day
just hope I remember it all!

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