Wednesday, 9 July 2014

elderflower jelly...


I love this great recipe for Elderflower Jelly. It actually comes out the consistency of honey and can be used the same way. It's really easy and quick to's how...
Pick 30 or so heads of Elderflowers on a dry day, de-stem them all and make sure no little insects are still attached!
Pop all heads in a large pot and cover with boiling water. Leave the Elderflowers to infuse for a few hours, overnight is ok too.
Now strain all the liquid a few times to get the most liquid you can from the flowers...strain in a colander and squeeze out all that lovely juice.
Now put this liquid into the large pan and add a vanilla pod and the juice of 2 lemons. Heat until almost boiling, take out vanilla pod and add jam sugar, about 2kg. Give it all a stir and then boil to jam temperature for about 20-30 mins until you reach the setting point. ( a jam thermometer is really useful here) keep boiling for longer than you feel comfortable as elderflowers do not have much pectin content and so need longer to reach setting point. Scoop away any scum that forms to keep the jelly nice and clear.
When you feel that setting point has been achieved, cool jam for a few minutes and pour, very carefully into sterile, warm jam jars and put lids on straight away. This helps seal the jars.

Leave to cool and then label. 
Enjoy your delicious Elderflower Jelly on toast, on yogurt and granola for breakfast or however you would use honey. It's simply yummy and you will wish you had made more! There's always next year.
Enjoy xxx

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