Monday, 9 March 2015

chunky crochet...

..hand spun yarn

Have really been enjoying spinning Badger Faced fleece into chunky weight yarn recently. My friend Sarah Rose has a small flock, along with rare breed pigs and Dexter cattle. 
She carefully rears them on land very near to my workshop and her efforts are rewarded by producing the most tasty meat products around. Her number one priority is the welfare of her animals and I like this type of farming very much. Hers is the only meat I eat now, if it isn't from her, or if I am out and about, then I am veggie.
 I feel very passionate about the welfare of animals in the production of a never ending need? to demand cheap food. I personally think this is the wrong route to take, cheap meat will always be second rate and sadly animals suffer because of this, unnecessarily. Less is more as they say, pay a little more, enjoy exceptional taste and quality, eat less of it. (Or not at all as you prefer)
This is Aslan one of Sarah's rams, gorgeous eh?

You can find Sarah at

Anyway, back to this lovely wool...
Beautiful tones of red, cream and brown give an earthiness to this naturally coloured fleece. There is a little kemp in the wool, perhaps not great worn next to the skin, although I wear my bobble hat without any scratchiness.
I have spun it a little chunky, really looks good crocheted up with a 8mm hook. I used fptr, bptr stitches to create a rib like texture and this will be used on cushions and throw blankets, perhaps even a rug. X

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