Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Wool washing...

..In the spring sunshine.

Always good to take advantage of any sun that happens to come my way here on a hill in south west Wales.
This winter has been wet, wet, wet, not at all good for washing and drying fleeces, but here is the sun, apparently with us for at least a week, so I am happily doing all the prep that my hand spinning and weaving yarn requires before it gets anywhere near a wheel or loom.
I wash my fleeces in a tin bath using collected rain water and let it sit and soak for a good few hours before rinsing a few times and then pick over the wool for vegetation!
It is then set out to dry in the sun on wooden racks that my hubby has made for me. They work really well.
My chief 'egg'pert hen keeps a check on my progress whilst the others sunbathe or follow me around hoping for treats, they are very funny little hens...
Happy days

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