Friday, 4 June 2010

Coffee cake diverts my attention...

Ok, I own up, my attentions have been diverted somewhat this week from my beloved more yummier things...
Yep... gorgeous Coffee and Walnut cake baking.
Simply... I love baking cakes,
and as much as I love being with Daphne
sometimes needs must, 
 the cake tin was bare! 
Ok, Ok, I know there is more than one cake, 'do you really need two cakes in the cake tin?'
I hear you say
But you see, its just as easy to bake two as it is one, so...
why not? 

but do not despair, I have not lost my way completely to cake...

here is a new item, as happy as the beautiful sunshine days we are having at the mo,
Miss yellow bag will be in my shop next week, along with some other little beauties...

until then fair folk
Happy weekend

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